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Laura Meine

Bridge Overlooking Miller Brewery

Highland Park

On day that rained in fits and starts, when everything seemed to shake awake with the aliveness of spring, I took a short bike ride to one of Milwaukee’s smallest officially recognized green spaces – Highland Park. I started in my neighborhood, Washington Heights; the sidewalks (as usual) were full …

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The Domes

Mitchell Park

Anyone who has driven along the stretch of Hwy 94 in Milwaukee between Miller Park and Downtown has seen the Mitchell Park Conservatory, or what we all know them as: the Domes. Those three monolithic geodesic structures hover on the skyline beyond the 27th Street viaduct like a post-war vision …

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Carved Owls at Hawthorne Glen Nature Center

Hawthorne Glen

I advise you to go to Hawthorne Glen in the summer. In the fall or spring or god forbid, the winter, the park feels too insubstantial. Without the full cover of leaves, when you take the quarter mile walking path up to the ridge and look through the bare trees, …

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County Grounds Agriculture Building

Milwaukee County Grounds

Go to the County Grounds if you are feeling post-apocalyptic. Go if you want to see Nature dismantling pieces of human civilization, slowly, relentlessly, beautifully. The first time I went, it was gaspingly hot and dusty and I was alone on the Grounds. I had biked around for an hour …

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